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The show revolves around her, her friends and family celebrating De Anna's bachelorette party in Las Vegas, NV at the Palm's Hotel and Casino, as well as other popular Vegas attractions.

He's looking for love in the most public of ways - on national television.

He tells her that he has already fallen in love with her, but doesn’t expect her to say anything. De Anna gives him a note from Chris saying that they can use the key to stay together in the Fantasy Suite. He runs towards her on the beach, and she sees how excited he is to see her. De Anna has a good time on the date, they laughed a lot and had fun together.

Finally, he tells her that his anxiety is because he has deep feelings for someone he is afraid to lose – and he doesn’t have her. They have a picnic and Jason tells her he already feels they are a couple.

He hugs De Anna and tells her he feels lucky to be there with her. Later, they have a picnic on the sand and he asks if she is nervous about getting married.

De Anna says that she isn’t at all, but Jessie admits that he is really nervous.

At dinner that evening, De Anna admits to Jason that she always had feelings for him, but now they are more intense.“She’s a funny girl but we take our time.” The two met through a mutual friend from , “we were out with friends . sparks flew.” Stause, who plays Amanda Dillon on the ABC soap opera, is equally smitten with Bunn, telling PEOPLE: “He’s a really good boyfriend. Anytime he acts up I say take your shirt off and just be quiet.” (Bunn distinguished himself on with his ripped physique.) And what’s the secret to keeping their relationship hot? De Anna decided to go in a different direction in her life. “The relationship is new so it hasn’t ever gotten cold,” says Stause. For my birthday he did a special picnic in the park and set it up himself.” Meanwhile, Bunn says he feels lucky he didn’t win on . Other contestants include 24-year-old magician Apollo Jackson and 31-year-old vineyard manager Jarrod.Last year on “The Bachelor,” De Anna Pappas was the last lady standing, but that didn’t keep Brad Womack from rejecting her in front of millions of viewers. De Anna says she is on cloud nine and they begin to kiss. They they get in the kayak and do a little smooching.

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But Bachelorette contestant Hayden should be an old hand at dating shows, having bared his body on one previously.

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