Matase imprimanta online dating

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Matase imprimanta online dating

However, average session duration will only show as two minutes, since there is no “ending” timestamp when the user exits on product page #2. This is where our old friend, bounce rate, comes to ruin the party.Unless custom events are set up in Analytics, a bounce will typically log a time on site of , no matter how long the user actually spends on your site during that single page session.We call these metrics Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and depend on these metrics to guide our marketing efforts, especially as we head into the busy holiday season.

Pro tip: Track scroll rate, button clicks, video plays, PDF downloads and other on-page interactions with event tracking to get a more accurate understanding of session durations.When creating a card using Foundation, there are three core classes to be aware of: .card, .card-section and .card-divider.For more advanced users, each of these corresponds to a SCSS mixin (card-container, card-section and card-divider).Pro tip: Use bounce rate to optimize conversions on individual landing pages.Drill into your landing page reports to see how data differs for devices, sources and user type.

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