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There, she catches the eye of a certain Uchiha, and both of them fall accidentally in love. Minor Neji Ten, Shika Ino, and Naru Hina] DISCONTINUED, adopted by shipperfreak NEW SUMMARY Sakura is the beautiful, new girl, with a secret she's running from that could endanger herself and all of her new friends. And not to mention Sasuke's love for Sakura has not faded to just friends. Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuga Neji and Sabaku no Gaara were the 3 members of Silver Phoenix. He didn't expect a smart mouth brat that's slowly losing her sanity. Sasu Saku, Naru Hina, Shika Ino, Neji Ten REVISINNaruto: Behind the Scenes! Sasuke becomes angry and hates Itachi more than ever. It's all normal to Sakura and her friends...until she finds out that Sasuke is a vampire! Kiba Sakura Between his 'You're way too moody for someone with such a monstrous punch.' and her 'Well, your hair's too long, buddy, but you don't see me questioning your masculinity.' a friendship had been formed. AU : Naruto is a recent transfer to Konoha High School, and he absolutely hates it.

Sasuke is the always-stoic, cold-heartthrob, with a couple secrets of his own. Losing their lead female singer they put up an advertisment for a new one. There are bits of humor, but it's more depressing than anything. [Neji, Sakura banter]-One Shot- In the game of life, anything can happen. However, when he meets such people as Sasuke, a whiny emo, to Haku, a surprising foreign exchange student, will his mind be changed?

~Author Unknown We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. Kettering The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive. Sakura is the new girl, and she goes to a new school. Pairings: Sasu Saku, Ino Shika Temari, Neji Ten Ten, Naru Hina. Naru Hina Shika Ino Sasu Saku Neji Ten DISCONTINUEDHow does Sora spend his days when he's NOT fighting heartless, nobodies, bad guys, putting an end to chaos and destruction, and totally kicking butt? Longish drabbles, Sora Riku Delicious Cheesy Shark Pie.

~John Sladek We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. [kakairu] AU Iruka Umino is a therapist who tries to get through his sessions as peacefully and pleasant as possible, but the inhabitant of the Storage Room Turned Comfy Den makes it not so simple... Starring Itachi, Sasuke Suzuki Suzy, Neji in the background with a synthesizer, and voice overs of Deidara, Sasori, Kisame, and Tobi. WARNING: The image of rabid Kakashi Shitake will scar your mind forever. Sakura Haruno is the new girl at school, she didn't expect any trouble.

I show In kept) Having a Volume address family of lines; and I have just it had not. Enter thugs, fan boys and Jiraiya, the host and a pervert extraordinaire. REVISED LAST CHAPTER[Sequel to Stay by my Side]After being gone for seven years, Sakura finally returns home. There she makes friends and a certain raven haired boy, catches her eye.All is well until she finds herself shocked beyond belief. But what happens when a girl name Sakura Haruno breaks them apart? What will happen when the Uchiha tells her of his past? Sx S Nx H Tx N Sx I[Winner of the AN fanfic contest]It’s the ninth of June… What horrors shall ensue when Deidara, Sasori and Kisame try to make this day special?Plus, people who have to have an audience, enjoy pissing me off, won't leave me alone when I'm not in a good mood, who think they are better then everyone else, and people who have to know what's wrong and if I'm okay & people who think my business is their business. Sakura's life couldn't be better, she's got great friends, a good boyfriend and soon she going to have a stepfather and a stepbrother.Gary: The Psycho's like Sasu Saku, Ita Saku, Saso Saku, Neji Saku, Kaka Saku, Kiba Saku, Neji Ten, Shika Tema, Naru Hina, Kiba Hina, & Kaka Iru for Naruto pairings. it's great, but what'll happen when she finds her relationship with Kiba falling apart.

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Okay, so Sea is the one with the mood swings, music addiction, morbid-ness and temporary ADHD-ness. Inner Sea is the one that is the one that is crazy, constantly yelling, and very into mood swings. writing, reading (fanfics, books, whatever), drawing (even if i cant draw worth a shit), listening to music, volleyball, tennis, hockey, quotes, poetry, rainy & dark days, sleeping, eating, writing in my journal, cooking, warm days, swimming (as long as its not for school), hanging with my friends, being alone in my room, shopping at times, guitarists (any guy in a band or plays and instrument pretty much), carefree people.