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Who they are refers to how they learn and what kind of teaching methods and teachers they respond to.

Different teachers teach the same material differently, so it’s important to choose both material and teachers you can respect and relate to.

There's no point in studying Shakespeare if their goal is to be on a sitcom. If you live close to where you study, it will be much harder to avoid missing classes and much easier to get together for rehearsals.

Cathryn Hartt, founder of First and foremost, you need someone you can trust so that you are willing to let go and move past your blocks.

Make sure you really look around and find teachers who genuinely get you and meet you fully in the work. Find teachers who introduce you to a practice that allows you to discover your pre-existing talent and then express it in all its brilliant glory.

You have the raw material, and a good teacher helps you mine it and shape it. Your goal is to grow as an actor and a human being.

Though you may claim it’s a pure artistic calling, if it’s really for fame, glamour, or to prove something to your parents, be honest about that.

If you’re not on stage or on set, you’ve got to be in class.

David Patrick Green, founder of Hack Hollywood The two main factors an actor should consider when choosing an acting class are who they are and what they want, with location being an important consideration as well.

His gorgeous wife, Jennifer, has had her own career as a freelance journalist.

Now much of their time is spent globe trotting and acting as amateur sleuths, investigating with apparent ease cases of murder, theft, and espionage.

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Anything that a teacher does in class must be in the interest of training you to be a better actor. Work with teachers who will push you to be better with nothing but deep care, respect, and your progress in mind.