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Scrap the plan and play games on the board using vocabulary from the lesson. Co-teacher is concerned that the first graders won't finish the content in time for their midterms. Mostly faff around looking for amusing gifs to spice up your blog. Meet people downtown for no reason other than to avoid the strange smells in your apartment Try to remember where you parked your bicycle.

They're exhausted from camping on Palgongsan for the last two days. Try to figure out what you last taught the class you have after lunch. Search the internet for pictures of interesting problems for them to solve. Create a complex ppt game involving PSY's latest music video. Play games for the whole lesson, based on vocab from the chapter. She explains that these students are falling behind because their classes keep being disrupted by other events, and because they're a low level, so she has decided to have a catch-up reading class instead. Make vague gestures towards lesson preparation and self-studying Korean. Point at something on the menu and hope it tastes good.

I'm in a relationship so I'm not in the dating scene any more, and my Korean man is very westernised, so I haven't had any straight up Korean style dating. I have found another way to observe the dating scene, dating TV shows! The aim of this dating show is they bring in one contestant, usually a male, and then a large arrangement of the opposite gender watch videos of the contestant and switch off the light on their counter if they don't want to date him.

in the UK there is such a thing as a beautiful fat girl on TV and she will find herself a date on that show like any other girl. Realise this lesson is going nowhere, the kids are asleep, and they're giving you nothing. The co-teacher smiles and interrupts before you even begin. Remember that tomorrow is Tuesday and you have to get up at 7.. Cycle at break-neck speed through crowds of small children. Stroll casually into the staff room, just in time. until everyone goes off to their home room classes, leaving you alone. Look busy and try to remember where the classroom for your first lesson is. Worry that you still don't know what you're about to teach to this class, and go to the co-teacher to ask in a roundabout enough way that she doesn't realise you don't actually know what you're doing. Chat up some hagwoners who've just gotten off work, and consider hanging out with them until the early hours of the morning.Both these systems are good and bad, pursuing perfection leads to an unhealthy obsession and despair when it doesn't happen to you but also to a super effective and high flying society, whereas pursuing acceptance creates a lazier society that can't progress as quickly, but more happiness with the cards that one has been dealt and a better avoidance of social problems that Souther Korea suffers from like low self esteem, over working and a strong plastic surgery culture.When I look back at my school days, there are a few teachers that definitely stand out vividly in my memory as either amazing or horrible.

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It is expected that everyone in Korea should get married by age 30, and although this is a similar standard in the west it's much more heavily enforced here.