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Morales-Caballeros entered the United States illegally as a teenager and lived for a time in New Jersey before moving to Maine.

Now 37, Morales-Caballeros was living with his wife in Naples in April when he was arrested and detained by U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on his way to work.

Back in Maine, Merlim has had no income since her husband’s arrest. They have hired a lawyer to represent them in their case to bring Morales-Caballeros back to the United States as the spouse of a citizen, but that process could take years.

So, their joyful reunion Thursday was also bittersweet.

Otto Morales-Caballeros, who came to the United States illegally as a teenager, and his wife are reunited for a brief visit in his home country.

Then they will continue their fight to bring him back to the United States.

In his first days in office, President Trump issued an executive order that dramatically expanded the federal government’s priorities for immigration enforcement.He was kinder to her than the other men she had dated.“Otto is the first guy I’ve had that hasn’t used me or abused me or anything else,” Merlim said. The couple worked together on his immigration case, attending court hearings and cobbling together the money for lawyer fees.His deportation had been delayed for years under Obama administration policies that focused on deporting dangerous criminals, and his arrest was seen as a sign of the escalation in immigration enforcement under President Trump.Otto Morales-Caballeros is pictured with his wife, Sandra Scribner Merlim, in Antigua, Guatemala, on Friday.

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When Otto Morales-Caballeros rode an airplane for the first time in his life last month, he was handcuffed.