Board dating game

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Board dating game

While the characters may have changed, the premise of the game remains the same.

Every character has the means and motive to commit the crime.

Look at the sample board games to help you get ideas or to print and use.Customize the template of your choice with special spaces, decorations, and embellishments before or after printing.If you need help with the printables, check out these helpful tips. The arrows increase difficulty for players to reach the end or work to a player's advantage.If something is out of place, she had better not know about it. He would be the smartest man on the planet if he wasn't so scatterbrained. During his travels, "Reverend" Green met and had certain dealings with Mr. At a young age, she received all the attention and this made her mother mad.Slightly balding and middle-aged, Peter Plum can't remember where he's been the last five minutes of any part of any day, so how could he remember if he murdered Mr. He's a simple, intelligent man and good-natured at heart, but he likes to steal his own things. Her latest dead husband's estate is almost all gone because she must maintain an extravagant lifestyle. John Green, indicated by the green pawn, is a smooth talker. His dad is a lowdown thief and his mom tells fortunes wherever and whenever she can. Miss Scarlet believes her mother is hiding massive amounts of wealth and since her mother won't share this money, the younger Scarlet has taken to dating wealthy bachelors.

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She's got the common characteristics of an old biddy. Represented by the red piece, Miss Scarlet is the sexy flirt of the suspects.

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