Better literotica chat

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Better literotica chat

He was a very fit, eighteen year old senior, with neat, sandy brown hair and hazel eyes, currently clad in his school's Yankee-esque baseball uniform; white with dark blue pinstripes.

The pitcher finally wound up and launched a fastball, but Mark was ready. As he rounded first, he realized that the ball had gotten past the outfielder and made it all the way to the fence.

She lay down on her son's back slowly, running her fingertips up and down his sides.

Mark could feel that her nipples were hard and pressing against his back, even through the fabric of her tank top.

She began to kiss the back of his neck softly, just barely pressing her lips against his skin.

Mark lay there silently, and realized that between feeling how heated she'd felt, her nipples pressed against him, and her soft lips on his neck, that he was steadily becoming erect.

He could feel her nails gently scratch up the length of his back, until her nimble fingers found the sore arm. But as she sat here now, she realized just how sexy her son was.

He winced as she began to gently massage the tender tissue, but it soon started to feel good as the muscles relaxed. His body was toned and fit, with just enough muscle.

He felt a sudden pain in his right arm though as they collided. Afterwards, he met up with Jackie, who helped him into the car. It's just really sore." "When we get home, I'll give you a massage.It made him slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time, his cock gave a little twitch. Jackie had never thought about her son sexually before, but over the past few years, she'd been so lonely.'That's your mom, pervert,' he thought to himself, making a mental reminder. She hadn't gone on any dates or even attempted a relationship, trying to give herself plenty of time to heal from Mark's father leaving.Jackie was fairly young for a mother, in her late 30s.She regularly trained with her son, and was therefore in great shape.

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He shifted on the bed slightly, trying to prevent himself from getting hard.