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Joan was meeting new people, and engaging in new activities.Her dance card was literally and figuratively full.Read: Why retirement can be a dangerous time Embrace change One thing is certain — our lives will be filled with multiple transitions.Some we plan, others just happen; some are positive, others negative.What makes the difference in how we handle a particular transition?Ask yourself: • Does this transition change my life? Are you contemplating a transition, dealing with it, or remembering it?

Tracking your convoy over time is a way to check what part of it needs refreshing. Losing her husband and her role in the community created a vacuum. She reinvented herself by taking up ballroom dancing, even entering competitions.However, NASA connected each man to someone in human resources as a “buddy” to help them find something new.The transition was negative; their institutional resources were positive. His job had been eliminated and he was experiencing financial and marital problems.Joan, age 80, lost her second husband at the same time her term on a nonprofit board ended.

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Her reaction, “It’s time to reinvent myself.” John and Joan are part of the nearly 80 million Americans who are already 55 or older.

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